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Fresh out of the Marines, Johnny wanted to see about “this whole porn thing” so he signed up for some work at SpunkWorthy. He’s 22 years old and straight, coming out to San Diego from New York (in case the accent doesn’t give it away). Johnny was a wrestler and played lacrosse in high school. Two pretty rough sports which have kept him in nice shape. Besides having a toned body and killer blue eyes, there’s a thick piece of meat between his legs which he loves showing off. He’s one of those guys who can barely keep his clothes on. Johnny says he has a fantasy of face-fucking a chick, but is too respectful knowing she’d go home to face her dad.

Johnny had heard about but never tried a Fleshlight. “I’ve heard lots of people talk about it, but it’s not one of those things you just have laying around the house.” Maybe not at Johnny’s house. But there just happened to be a see-through IceJack laying around for him to try at the porn studio. He lubes up and takes it for a test drive, shoving his cock deep inside and trying a couple of his favorite positions. It’s so hot watching him thrusting his hips and pumping away. Johnny must have liked his first sex toy experience because he rams the hell out of it, pulling out at the last second to blow a big sticky load all over his stomach.

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