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Matt is a 25 year old former professional boxer who just moved to San Diego from Texas. After warming up to the camera a bit, Matt’s true jack-off style started showing through. He clearly likes playing with his balls and having them pulled while stroking his dick. He also likes being on his knees when he cums and asked if he could bust onto the couch that way. And just to make sure he wasn’t going to be “firing blanks” he kept his hands out of his pants and didn’t jack off for five whole days before his shoot. And WOW did it pay off! This is one of the most enthusiastic and explosive cumshots I’ve ever seen. You’re going to want to watch this one over and over again.

In another scene Matt said he never heard of a Fleshjack before. When he tried it out it was clear he was pretty excited to dive on in to it. “Man, this shit feels so real! I’m gonna have to give this a shot.” From the moment he lubed up and shoved his cock inside, it seemed like he had been using one for years. The gasps and moans gave him away, though, and you can tell it brought jacking off to a new level for him.

Matt blew a really big load on his first video and he took it as a challenge to outdo himself this time around. He said he was going to “save up” a little longer. What he didn’t say was that it was going to be for two weeks! The intensity built and built as Matt got more wrapped up in jacking off. By the end of the scene he’s covered in sweat and has one of the biggest and most intense, vocal orgasms you’ll find on the internet. The cum shot out of his rock hard cock in every direction, clear off the side of the bed! This dude is one you won’t want to miss!

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